Game Server Browser Manager

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Meant to be added to your Server Browser UI this component simplifies the process of querying Steam Game Servers.
Before you can browse game servers you need to have game servers.
Read Steam Game Servers article before continuing


using HeathenEngineering.SteamworksIntegration;


public class GameServerBrowserManager : MonoBehaviour



Invoked when a search request completes.


Get All Favorites

public void GetAllFavorites();
Returns the list of favorite servers

Get All Friends

public void GetAllFriends();
Returns the list of friend servers

Get All History

public void GetAllHistory();
Returns the list of historical servers

Get All Internet

public void GetAllInternet();
Returns the list of internet (non-LAN) servers

Get All LAN

public void GetAllLan();
Returns the list of LAN servers

Get All Spectator

public void GetAllSpectator();
Returns the list of Spectator servers

Get Server list

public void GetServerList(type, callback);
public void GetServerList(app, type, callback);
Returns a list of servers based on the type provided

Ping Server

public void PingServer(address, port, callback);
Fetches updated data for the target server

Player Details

public void PlayerDetails(entry, callback);
Clears the player list then requests fresh player data from Valve

Server Rules

public void ServerRules(entry, callback);
Clears the rules list then requests fresh rule data from Valve