Installing Heathen Engineering's Steamworks and related componenets.

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How you install depends on how you choose to license Heathen's Steamworks. The following cards cover the installation instructions and core features of each of the three major ways to license Heathen's Steamworks.
Video is silent but does have subtitles/captions


  • Free
  • Source Access
  • Limited Feature Set
Package Manager Install

GitHub Sponsor

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  • $15.00 monthly
  • Source Access For all our assets
  • Live Updates
  • Exclusive extras
  • Issue Tracking
  • Escalated Support
  • Unity
    • Toolkit for Steamworks
    • PhysKit Complete
    • UX Complete
  • Unreal
    • Toolkit for Steamworks
Cancel anytime, keep everything you have including site-based license

Unity Asset Store

Buy Now Installation Instructions
  • $75.00
  • Source Included
  • Quarterly Updates + Hotfixes
  • Toolkit for Steamworks
Asset Store Install Per-user based license, free updates for that major version, discount on future major updates