Int Stat

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public class IntStatObject : StatObject
Represents an int stat, consult the Steam Documentation for the specific use cases for each of the stat types

Fields and Attributes


public int Value { get; set; }
Reads or writes the value of this stat.


Other methods are available but should not be used and exist only for compatability with the generic StatObject interface.

Store Stats

public void StoreStats();
Calls Store Stats on the the Steam API

Request User Stats

public void RequestUserStats(UserData user,
Action<UserStatsReceived_t, bool> callback)
Requests the stats of a specific user be downloaded from Valve's servers. The callback on this indicates when the request is completed along with its status ... the handler would look similar to the following
void HandleCallback(UserStatsRecieved_t results, bool IOError)
&& results.m_eResult == EResult.k_EResultOK)
//We now have the stats for this user

Get Value

For use after you have called RequestUserStats, this gets the value for a specific user and has two overloads one for int values and one for float values.
public bool GetValue(UserData user, out int value)
public bool GetValue(UserData user, out float value)
If the method returns false the stat was not found, if it returns true then the value will be populated with the result.