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Offline Documentation?

The code is fully commented and documented as a result you can use your IDE's "Object Explorer" and IntelliSense features to view all the objects in our asset, see all the members in each object and review the comments and notes on every field and attribute within.
We do not provide PDF-style documents for the asset. Your IDE's Object Explorer, Your IDE's IntelliSense and this Knowledge Base and its AI-driven search tools should prove a superior option to any static file-based documentation. If you have any questions please reach out to us on our Discord.



At current Steamworks Foundation is available as a proof of concept for Gotdot C# 3.5 We are monitoring the engine development and community need and will port Steamworks Complete to Godot C# as the platform stabilises or as demand calls for it. If you have a need for Steamworks Complete on Godot reach out and let us know.


Heathen's Steamworks Complete and Foundation are available for Unity through GitHub Sponsor and the Unity Asset Store.


Heathen's Steamworks Complete is available for Unreal through GitHub Sponsor. We intend to make the asset available on Unreal Marketplace soon.

Can this do <X>

If X is something the Steam API can do then yes. For Unity and Godot we build on Steamworks.NET and for Unreal we integrate the full native Steam API.
Our design is thus built on top of the native Steamworks SDK in layers of abstraction that allow us to
  • Deliver simple tools for ease of use
  • Provide boilerplate systems saving you huge amounts of time
  • Built on native foundation, if Steam can do it at all you can do it with Heathen's Steamworks

Code free?

Short answer, yes
In Unreal we have exposed the entire SDK to blueprints with additional widgets and tools built on top to further simplify the process.
In Unity we have created Managers and components that handle most common tasks with simple configuration and of course, our tools are compatible with most visual scripting tools.
For all engines, we have built additional systems, templates and ready-to-use components to handle common use cases and take care of all the boiler plate for you.
Simple features such as initializing Steam API, loading and handling stats, achievements and leaderboards and even basic uses of the user's data such as fetching the users name, avatar image, etc. can in fact be done code-free right out of the box.
For Unity our prefabs even enable you to do many common things such as listing Friends into groups, displaying Leaderboards entries and even Party and Quick Match lobby systems all code-free.

What about Microtransactions / Cash Shops?

Yes of course, Steam API handles MTX (microtransactions) via the Steam Inventory interface. Heathen's Steamworks Complete has robust tooling around Steam Inventory which can greatly help any developer regardless of skill set.
To reiterate as its often hard to believe, yes Steam API does MTX, yes it is Steam Inventory that is used to do that.

Can I try before I buy?

For Unity, Yes it's called Steamworks Foundation and is free to use. It has a limited feature set but is the same code used in the "full fat" Complete version.
For Unreal, we are working on an equivalent to "Foundation" but don't have anything to announce at this time.

Can I use this for commercial games?

Of course, have a look at some of the great games that already use this.
Made with Heathen Steam Curator lists a few of the games published on Steam that are made with Heathen technology including but not limited to Heathen's Steamworks.
Steam Curator: Made with Heathen
Some of the games that have been Made with Heathen technology.

Does this work with <name of other tool>?

1st off most tools such as UMA, Character Controllers, etc. do not impact Steam API at all and are not impacted by Steam API at all. So in most cases whether or not you use Steam API has nothing to do with compatibility with those tools.
For tools that do integrate with Steam API


For Unreal, anything working with the native Steam API should be fine, anything using Unreal's Online Subsystem Steam will not work.
Why? Online Subsystem Steam is grossly out of date and doesn't fully utilise Steam API so we replace it, you cant have our asset and it working at the same time.


For Unity, the relevant information is; Heathen builds on top of Steamworks.NET so anything that makes **Proper** use of Steamworks.NET will simply work right out of the box.
How do you know its proper use?
  1. 1.
    Does not embed a copy of Steamworks.NET in its source code. Steamworks.NET should always be installed fresh from GitHub preferably via the Unity Package Manager as described on our installation page.
  2. 2.
    Does not make **ANY** use of SteamManager.cs SteamManager.cs is an example script originally authored by the same developer that authors Steamworks.NET ... you can find its original form here. It is meant to be a demonstration of how a programmer would initialize the Steam API ... it is absolutely not meant to be production code. Sadly many samples, examples and even some "assets" are had coded to use it.

How does networking work?


If you are using a standard net driver or otherwise not looking to use Steam Networking Sockets then everything will work normally Steam API doesn't impact your networking situation. Features like Lobby, Game Server, etc. are not impacted by your networking solution they are stand-alone features.
If you do plan on using Steam Networking Sockets:
We have created our own NetDriver based on Steam's Networking Sockets (available to GitHub Sponsors now, Coming Soon to Unreal Marketplace). We do not currently use an Online Subsystem though will be offering one in the future. Note you do not require Online Subsystem to do multiplayer, the purpose of Online Subsystem is to abstract backend services like Steamworks down to a common subset so you can use many in an agnostic way.
Heathen's Steamworks Complete is designed to enable you to fully utilise every aspect of Steam API so using Online Subsystem is a bit counter-productive though something we will support in future updates if there is demand for it


1st yes, the networking tool you choose to use won't impact Steam API at all. Whether or not Steam API impacts it depends on whether or not that networking tool uses Steam Networking Interfaces. If it does then it needs to make proper use Steamworks.NET ... which is a low bar to meet.
This is not something for us or Steamworks.NET to do it is something for the networking tool in question to do. The following tools are known to have working proper integrations with Steamworks.NET or to not use Steam Networking at all.

Fish Networking?

Yes: You can find more information in the Networking Integrations article.


Yes: You can find more information in the Networking Integrations article.


Yes: You can find more information in the Networking Integrations article.

NetCode for GameObjects?

Yes: You can find more information in the Networking Integrations article.

Photon (any variation)?

Yes: Photon is its own platform, uses its own networking interfaces and has no impact on nor is it impacted by Steam API in any way that comes to mind.


Yes: SpatialOS is its own platform, uses its own networking interfaces and has no impact on nor is it impacted by Steam API in any way that comes to mind.

How do Asset Updates work?

GitHub Sponsors have access to the "Source Repo" This is the place where we do the actual work so updates are frequent and instant as we make them. It is GitHub so you can of course review every single update, each check-in, and every comment ... fully tracked and managed version history.

Asset Stores (Unreal or Unity)

Unity Asset Store and Unreal Marketplace are updated each quarter (every 3 months) with the consolidated changes made in GitHub Source Repo if relevant or more frequently in the case of a critical issue.
In the event of a critical issue such as Steam, Unity, etc. making a breaking change to the API or engine, we will update the stores as quickly as possible and can offer ad-hoc patches via our Discord community.

How do Paid/Major Updates work?

Not relevant, as you working on our Source Repository you have instant access to our changes as they happen thus there is no "upgrade path" needed you will naturally have access to the next version as it develops.

Asset Stores (Unreal or Unity)

We release major updates no more frequently than 2 years apart.
Unity Asset Store and Unreal Marketplace users will see this as a paid major update. As typical with major updates users who have purchased recently (within the last 90 days) will receive the update for free, and all other users will receive a steep discount aka an "upgrade price".

From one store can I get access to the other?

In short no.
Each store is its own walled garden operated by that platform (Epic's Unreal Marketplace, Unity's Unity Asset Store). They define the terms of the license, they handle payment processing and refunds. Everything about the relationship is actually with them. We won't even know you exist unless you introduce yourself to us.
We cannot grant you access to an asset on either store for any reason but we especially wouldn't be permitted to grant you a license on Unreal from Unity Asset Store or vice versa ... they are competitors.
If you want access to our asset for any engine then you want GitHub Sponsor. GitHub Sponsors (or Patreon) have access to all of our assets for all engines, including tools and code that we do not publish on the asset stores. We control the license terms in that case and we do so via a Site Based license.

From a store can I get access to GitHub?

By sponsoring for $15 or more yes,
If you asking if we can transfer your Unity Asset Store or Unreal Marketplace license to GitHub Sponsor or Patreon membership then no I am afraid not.
Unity has hinted they may introduce such a feature but at current Unity Asset Store and Unreal Marketplace are walled gardens. We cannot transfer licenses in or out of either, we cannot grant you access to one from the other.